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Car key replacement Chislehurst BR7 – How much can you save

Car Key Replacement Chislehurst

Car Key Replacement Chislehurst

The Car doctor in Chislehurst is the Car Key replacement specialist in the area, With a our fully equipped mobile van service operating in Chislehurst Kent we can be there in 30 mins saving you the time and hassle having to go elsewhere,  We can have you back on the road in no time.

Car Key Replacement Chislehurst Services are:

  • Lost Car Key Replacement
  • Spare Car Key Replacement
  • Transponder key replacement
  • Broken key removal
  • Vehicle opening when keys are locked in car

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    The Car Doctor Chislehurst has the necessary equipment to resolve your immobiliser issues

    Car Key Replacement Chislehurst Immobiliser Information

    An immobiliser is an electronic security device fitted to a motor vehicle that prevents the engine from starting unless the correct transponder key or remote is present. This prevents the vehicle from being hot wired after entry has been achieved and helps to reduce motor vehicle theft.

    Car Key Replacement Chislehurst has the necessary equipment to resolve your immobiliser issues

    Research shows that the uniform application of immobilisers reduced the rate of car theft by 40% in the UK

    Immobilisers have been Compulsory in all new cars sold in the United Kingdom since 1 October 1998, any new vehicles arriving into the UK after the time from a country that immobilisers was not yet Compulsory had to have an Immobiliser fitted before it was aloud in

    Early models used a static code in the ignition key or Remote which was recognised by a receiver around the ignition lock this code is checked against the vehicle’s engine control unit ECU for a match. If the code was unrecognised the ECU will not allow fuel to flow and or ignition to take place.

    Later models use rolling codes or advanced cryptography to defeat copying of the code from the key or ECU.

    The small electronic circuit inside the key is activated by an electromagnetic field which induces current to flow inside the key body, which in turn broadcasts a unique binary code which is read by the cars ECU. When the ECU determines that the coded key is both current and valid, the ECU activates the fuel-injection sequence.

    In some vehicles attempts to use an unauthorised or “non-sequenced” key cause the vehicle to activate a timed no-start condition and in some highly advanced systems, even use satellite or mobile phone communication to alert a security firm that an unauthorised attempt was made to code a key.

    Chislehurst is largely a residential area. Chislehurst West, previously known as “Pricking” or “Prickend”, includes the biggest of the ponds and the High Street which has many pubs and restaurants.

    The local attraction is the Chislehurst Caves. They were originally used to mine flint and chalk. During World War II, they were used nightly as an air-raid shelter. There is a chapel inside. A child was born in the caves during World War II and was given a middle name of ‘Cavena’. The caves have also been used as a venue for live music; Jimi Hendrix, the Who, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie , Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin have all played there.

    Chislehurst is one of the starting points for the Green Chain Walk, linking to places such as Crystal Palace, Erith, the Thames Barrier and Thamesmead.

    Chislehurst Common (and nearby St Paul’s Cray Common) were saved from development in 1888 following campaigns by local residents. They were a popular destination for bank holiday trips in the early 20th century, and now provide a valuable green space. Nearby Petts Wood, Hawkwood and Scadbury have also been preserved as open spaces following local campaigns.

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