Stolen Keys

Lost or Stolen Keys

If your keys have been stolen, do not park your car near your home or place of work until the locks have been changed. Use a steering wheel bar or a wheel clamp until they have been changed. Call the police immediately and get a crime reference number as you will need one for any insurance claim. Do not leave your new keys lying around the house, thieves usually strike twice!

If your keys have been stolen then your car is more likely to be stolen too. However, if you lose your keys your car should be at less risk unless you leave any documents or cards showing your address with the keys. To be safe, do not park your car close to your home or work until the locks have been changed. There has been an increase in keys stolen from properties by fishing through letterboxes with hooks.

Tesco now offer a service whereby they provide you with a keyring so if your keys should be lost, they will send them back to you if someone finds them and notifies them.

Lost or Stolen Keys Insurance

When your car keys are stolen from house they are not usually covered by your home insurance. Stolen keys can be claimed through your car’s insurance however you will probably be faced with an excess which can be more than the costs to replace the keys or locks in the first place and can increase your renewal premium.

There are specific car key insurances available which means that your keys will be covered and it won’t affect your car insurance premium or no claims bonus.
That said, with hindsight the best insurance is to have a spare car key cut.

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