Frozen Car Door Locks

Winter means icy doors and frozen locks. Plan ahead by keeping a few tools available to thaw out the ice. Your car may be frozen inside the locks, preventing the keys from unlocking the doors, it may be frozen along the door seal?
If you can get in, warm up the car for at least five minutes before trying to force open the frozen doors from the inside. Forcing the frozen doors may damage the door seals.
Put some gloves on and hold the car key by the end. Run the flame of a cigarette lighter up and down under the key until it heats up. De-icers may be squirted into the lock instead of a heated key.
Test the heated key in the frozen lock. Jiggle the key to help thaw the lock.
Repeat the process with the lighter to reheat the key if it cools off. Continue inserting the hot key into the frozen lock until it thaws enough to turn the key and unlock the door.

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