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Replacement Car Key Cost Sidcup – Bexley

Replacement car key Sidcup Bexley

Replacement car key cost in Sidcup Bexley Kent

How much does your car key cost?

Price list in Kent

Price list - January 2020Our PriceDealer PriceYou SaveKey Make
Fiat 500 (08-16)£133£292-£159After Market
Fiat Abarth 500 (08-16)£133£292-£159After Market
Fiat Grande Punto (06-16)£133£292-£159After Market
Fiat Punto Evo (09-15)£133£292-£159After Market
Ford KA (01-10)£113£212-£99After Market
Ford KA (09-16)£133£292-£159After Market
Ford Fiesta (01-10)£117£241-£124After Market
Ford Fiesta (08-16)£115£269-£154After Market
Ford Fusion(01-12)£117£241-£124After Market
Ford S Max (06-10)£117£241-£124After Market
Ford C Max (03-08)£117£241-£124After Market
Ford Mondeo (07-10)£117£241-£124After Market
Ford Galaxy( 06-10)£117£241-£124After Market
Ford Transit mk7 (06-14)£149£247-£98Dealer
Ford Mk8 Transit custom (14-16)£143£210-£67Dealer
Ford Mk8 Transit custom (16-)£145£199-£54Dealer
Hyundai i10 (07-13)£148£450-£302After Market
Hyundai i30 (07-12)£151£320-£169Dealer
Hyundai i30 (11-15)£142£307-£165Dealer
Hyundai ix35 (11-13)£139£335-£196Dealer
Hyundai i20 (08-12)£139£335-£196Dealer
Hyundai ix20 (11-14)£160£313-£153Dealer
Hyundai ix20 (14-17)£163£435-£272Dealer
Hyundai Tucson (15-18)£163£295-£132Dealer
Nissan Micra (02-10)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan Micra Smart (03-12)£146£233-£87Dealer
Nissan Micra (10-13)£139£257-£118Dealer
Nissan Micra (13-16)£154£215-£61Dealer
Nissan Note (06-13)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan Note (14-16)£145£212-£67Dealer
Nissan Note Smart (06-13)£146£233-£87Dealer
Nissan Qashqai (06-14)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan Navara (05-15)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan X Trail Smart (07-10)£146£233-£87Dealer
Nissan Cabstar (06-15)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan Juke (13-16)£157£203-£46Dealer
Nissan NV200 (09-13)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan Pathfinder (05-06)£133£219-£86Dealer
Nissan Primstar (03-10)£128£183-£55Dealer
Nissan Almera (03-05)£148£216-£68Dealer
Nissan Interstar (04-10)£128£183-£55Dealer
Nissan Primera (03-08)£148£216-£68Dealer
Renault Clio 2 (01-08)£108£200-£92After Market
Renault Clio 2 (01-08)£146£200-£54Dealer
Renault Clio 3 (07-10)£122£165-£44Dealer
Renault Megane (03-08)£120£242-£122After Market
Renault Megane (08-15)£136£261-£125After Market
Renault Kangoo (04-11)£128£183-£55Dealer
Renault Kangoo (10-17)£122£165-£44Dealer
Renault Master (03-10)£128£183-£55Dealer
Renault Master (10-16)£122£165-£44Dealer
Renault Trafic (01-14)£128£183-£55Dealer
Vauxhall Astra H (04-09)£151£230-£79Dealer
Vauxhall Astra J (10-16)£139£233-£94Dealer
Vauxhall Astra K (16-)£168£237-£69Dealer
Vauxhall Corsa C (01-06)£132£195-£63Dealer
Vauxhall Corsa D (06-14)£151£232-£81Dealer
Vauxhall Corsa E (14-)£139£233-£94Dealer
Vauxhall Vivaro (02-14)£128£215-£87Dealer
Vauxhall Insignia (09-16)£139£233-£94Dealer
Cost includes cutting and programming within the bexley kent area
Replacement remote costs in Bexley Kent

We can have you up and running in no time with our fully equipped van service in Bexley Kent DA5

Prices includes:

  • Cost of remote
  • Key cut to code
  • Remote programmed to your vehicle
  • Fully mobile service within the Bexley area


Are you able to provide a new replacement key even if I have lost all keys?

Yes. as we are able to cut new keys to car manufactures existing key code

I am unable to get the vehicle to you as i have no key is that a problem?

No Problem as we have fully mobile van service in the Bexley area so we can come to you

Do you guarantee the replacement remote key you provide?

Yes. we give a 1 Year Guarantee as all of our remote keys are of the best quality, In most cases Genuine OEM quality!


Hassle free car key replacement...

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Cost of Car Key Replacement January-2020 Price list Bexley Kent DA5